Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kyleigh - 3 month's old!

Kyleigh at 3 months old...

Weight - 11lbs 12oz
Height - 23in

  • Sleeps for 4-6 hours straight a night, eats, then goes to sleep again for 2-3 hours before eating again.
  • Usually goes to sleep around 9pm
  • Feeds from one or both breasts each feeding...depending on the day...and eats about 12 min during the day and 20+min at night.
  • Eats every 1-4hours during the day
  • Smiles all the time!
  • Giggling more and more
  • Starting to Coo and make noises
  • Love Kisses!
  • Moving much more and kicks her feet while on the changing table
  • Love to Stretch she has been asleep
  • Wears mostly 0-3 month and 3 month outfits
  • Averages 8-10 diapers a day
  • Hold her head up all the time and bears her weight while standing assisted.
  • Loves to be cuddled, whether in the bed, watching TV or next to mommy in one of her many carriers/wraps.
  • Enjoys the vibrating seat in her bouncy chair a little less because she wants to be held more.
  • LOVES to get a bath and have her hair washed...we take a bath almost every night together just to play, feed, and bond
  • Loves her music mobile, Playmat, and has started grabbing for her toys.
  • Likes to nap in her swing.
  • Loves being held and talked to, but also enjoys her down time.



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