Sunday, July 14, 2013


So I finally took my "before" pictures...I use the quotations because I should have taken them 14 days ago...oh well I still look disgusting so they will do. lol!

This one serves as proof that I have had a baby (two actually). lol!

There are more pictures, but I will wait until I have some result pictures and post at the same time.

For the past four days I have not been able to exercise due to a knee injury.  I am going to call the doctor tomorrow to see about getting it looked at because it hurts to walk on it much less exercise.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Focus T25

Ok, so after hurting my knee Monday and workout on it Tuesday (and hurting it more) I have taken Wednesday and today off to heal.  Unfortunately my knee still hurts, but it is getting better.  I am wearing a brace during the day to keep it straight because it feels like I may have over extended it during one the may Insanity jumps....I am really bad about rolling my ankles out on those. :(


With all that being said I have decided to switch workouts and starting Monday I will be doing Focus T25 which is basically an abbreviated version of Insanity.  It is a 10 week program and my goal is to re-start the 60 day Insanity Challenge again after these 10 T25 weeks.

I am still eating clean and watching my calories, so really all that is changed is the workout I will be doing.

I will say that I am going to miss burning 600+ calories during my workouts but I will also only be doing 25 minute versus the 40 minutes I have been doing so that is to be expected.

Time to get refocused and push forward!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kyleigh - 3 month's old!

Kyleigh at 3 months old...

Weight - 11lbs 12oz
Height - 23in

  • Sleeps for 4-6 hours straight a night, eats, then goes to sleep again for 2-3 hours before eating again.
  • Usually goes to sleep around 9pm
  • Feeds from one or both breasts each feeding...depending on the day...and eats about 12 min during the day and 20+min at night.
  • Eats every 1-4hours during the day
  • Smiles all the time!
  • Giggling more and more
  • Starting to Coo and make noises
  • Love Kisses!
  • Moving much more and kicks her feet while on the changing table
  • Love to Stretch she has been asleep
  • Wears mostly 0-3 month and 3 month outfits
  • Averages 8-10 diapers a day
  • Hold her head up all the time and bears her weight while standing assisted.
  • Loves to be cuddled, whether in the bed, watching TV or next to mommy in one of her many carriers/wraps.
  • Enjoys the vibrating seat in her bouncy chair a little less because she wants to be held more.
  • LOVES to get a bath and have her hair washed...we take a bath almost every night together just to play, feed, and bond
  • Loves her music mobile, Playmat, and has started grabbing for her toys.
  • Likes to nap in her swing.
  • Loves being held and talked to, but also enjoys her down time.