Sunday, January 25, 2009

We are officially Pregnant!

On my way home from work January 13th around 6pm I began feeling uneasy...just thinking it was something that I ate I wanted to lay down as soon as I got home.

For some reason I decided to take the last "emergency" pregnancy test that I had in the bathroom and...Holy was only took 1.5 seconds for the positive mark to appear.

I called Eric at work and asked him if he was sitting down.
He said, "no, do I need to be?" I told him to go into his office, shut the door, and sit down. Once he did all of the above I said, "I'm pregnant." Eric said, "Are you really?!" I then began to freak out! I think I said "Oh my God!, What the Heck!" about 100 times.
Eric then proceeded to talk me down and tell me how wonderful this was and how happy he was. Not saying that I wasn't happy...I was just in total shock and disbelief.

After Eric and I hung the phone up I called my best friend, Lindsey and told her. She almost starting crying before I got it out of my mouth. She asked me how many tests I took and I told her that I only had the one.

Lindsey then convinced me to go get more and take them just to be sure. I had Lindsey on the my pj's and house shoes I went to the gas station...they didn't have then I went to the Winn Dixie and got a box of two...drinking water the entire way. I headed home and took a second test and though it didn't show positive as quickly as the 1st it was positive.

I called Lindsey back to tell her of the confirmation and then the tears came.

I waited for Eric to get home and I showed him the tests. He then said that he wanted to see one turn positive, so I drank more water and used the final test.

This last test was very faint...due to the fact that all I had was water by now...but still positive.

We then decided to look at our name list and added and deleted a few. What a night!

The next day I went to the doctor and had my blood tested to confirm that we were indeed pregnant. They also checked my hormone levels and everything was perfect. I started taking prenatal vitamins that night and I have been trying to be as healthy as possible ever since.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Wedding - 09/13/2003

Here we are getting married at 21! I never thought that I would get married so young and neither did Eric. We had a beautiful wedding and reception. I felt like I was in a all seemed like a blur. I am glad that we have all of these beautiful pictures to remind me how wonderful it was.

My Mom and Dad in the garden with me on the day of my wedding.

Eric, his Mom and his Dad in the sanctuary the day of our wedding.

Emily (Cooke) Derryberry, Erin Northcutt, Jessica (B) (Newman) Marshall, Lindsey (MOH) Holmes, Marsha Brown, and Olivia (FG) Predmore.

Top Row: Brian Marshall, Tim Marshall; Middle Row: Jim (FOB) Newman, Matt Predmore; Bottom Row: Eric (G) Marshall, Luke (FOB,BM) Marshall.

My Dad getting me ready to go down the isle. This was either right before or right after he sang Butterfly Kisses. :*o)

Eric and Jessica Marshall lighting the Unity Candle.

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

After we left the reception we rode around Vestavia in the limo drinking champagne and eventually made our way to the Marriott on HWY 280. I finally got to get out of that dress and we put on our pj's. We had a little picnic on the bed while we watched Terminator 3 on PPV and had a great night just the two of us. It was a perfect night.

Our History...
how we came to be Mr. & Mrs.

People talk about love at 1st sight, well somehow I fell in love with this!
In spite of his bleached blonde hair, upside down visor, and skinny physique I felt drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

Eric and I met in May of 2000 after we both graduated from highschool at a poular night club in downtown Birmingham called The Idustry. It took us meeting twice at the club and Eric tracking me down at the restaurant that I worked at to go on a date, but after that night we have been together ever since...minus a few break up's and bumbs in the road. :o)
Eric and me in 2000, hanging out.Eating at the Marshall's for one of Ann's famous Sunday night dinners.
Here we are at my 19th birthday party at Ichiban. We have been to Ichiban more times that I can count. It was our favorite place to go on dates.Our 1st Christmas dating at my Grandmothers house.
Eric and I, but not sure when.
Eric, Tim and I at Granny's For Chirstmas one year.
Eric and I going on a date.Eric and I at Granny's for Christmas in 2002.
In 2003 Eric join the US Navy while we were broken up for a week.
I guess he showed me...

Eric join with his good friend Matt. Here are pictures from the party his parents threw them before they left.

I had to get in all the hugs I could before he left.Eric and my Dad shaking hands man to man.Both of the families about to loose their boys to the Navy.Eric, Matt, and I goofing around for the camera.

These are some pictures from the day that he left for bootcamp.

And just like that...he was gone...for 3 months... We spent 3 months without seeing each other while we was in boot camp. Eric was only able to write letters once a week, but I sent him at least 1 letter every day. One week I got a letter with a special note near the said, "When I get out, we are getting married (Courthouse). Well, it wasn't the most romantic proposal, but it worked for me. I started planning our wedding that same day and went and got my dress that weekend. We decided that we would get married during his week of leave before he had to report to Norfolk, VA. Once boot camp was finished I flew up to Great Lakes with Eric's parents and the Cobb's for Graduation. I couldn't wait to see him...I was so nervous, excited, and sad because I knew that we would be apart again soon. At the hotel the night before Graduation felt like an eternity. I don't even think I was able to sleep a wink. I got as cute as I possibly outfit even matched their dress whites. We all piled into the stadium and watched them all march in together. The ceremony was short, but seemed like forever. Once it was over I ran down the bleachers to find him and gave him a kiss. I thought I missed him a lot, but when I had his arms around me again I realized that I missed him so much more than that. We got to spend the next 2 days together (minus the nights because he had to stay on base).

Here are pictures from his graduation weekend.

Ann & I slept on the fold out couch and Luke & Tim slept in the other room. I had I my "Hands off...this body belongs to Eric" shirt and Eric's pj pants. a blink of an was time for us to fly home. It was another few weeks before Eric got to come home on leave for our wedding.