Thursday, July 11, 2013

Focus T25

Ok, so after hurting my knee Monday and workout on it Tuesday (and hurting it more) I have taken Wednesday and today off to heal.  Unfortunately my knee still hurts, but it is getting better.  I am wearing a brace during the day to keep it straight because it feels like I may have over extended it during one the may Insanity jumps....I am really bad about rolling my ankles out on those. :(


With all that being said I have decided to switch workouts and starting Monday I will be doing Focus T25 which is basically an abbreviated version of Insanity.  It is a 10 week program and my goal is to re-start the 60 day Insanity Challenge again after these 10 T25 weeks.

I am still eating clean and watching my calories, so really all that is changed is the workout I will be doing.

I will say that I am going to miss burning 600+ calories during my workouts but I will also only be doing 25 minute versus the 40 minutes I have been doing so that is to be expected.

Time to get refocused and push forward!!

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