Sunday, July 14, 2013


So I finally took my "before" pictures...I use the quotations because I should have taken them 14 days ago...oh well I still look disgusting so they will do. lol!

This one serves as proof that I have had a baby (two actually). lol!

There are more pictures, but I will wait until I have some result pictures and post at the same time.

For the past four days I have not been able to exercise due to a knee injury.  I am going to call the doctor tomorrow to see about getting it looked at because it hurts to walk on it much less exercise.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Focus T25

Ok, so after hurting my knee Monday and workout on it Tuesday (and hurting it more) I have taken Wednesday and today off to heal.  Unfortunately my knee still hurts, but it is getting better.  I am wearing a brace during the day to keep it straight because it feels like I may have over extended it during one the may Insanity jumps....I am really bad about rolling my ankles out on those. :(


With all that being said I have decided to switch workouts and starting Monday I will be doing Focus T25 which is basically an abbreviated version of Insanity.  It is a 10 week program and my goal is to re-start the 60 day Insanity Challenge again after these 10 T25 weeks.

I am still eating clean and watching my calories, so really all that is changed is the workout I will be doing.

I will say that I am going to miss burning 600+ calories during my workouts but I will also only be doing 25 minute versus the 40 minutes I have been doing so that is to be expected.

Time to get refocused and push forward!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Kyleigh - 3 month's old!

Kyleigh at 3 months old...

Weight - 11lbs 12oz
Height - 23in

  • Sleeps for 4-6 hours straight a night, eats, then goes to sleep again for 2-3 hours before eating again.
  • Usually goes to sleep around 9pm
  • Feeds from one or both breasts each feeding...depending on the day...and eats about 12 min during the day and 20+min at night.
  • Eats every 1-4hours during the day
  • Smiles all the time!
  • Giggling more and more
  • Starting to Coo and make noises
  • Love Kisses!
  • Moving much more and kicks her feet while on the changing table
  • Love to Stretch she has been asleep
  • Wears mostly 0-3 month and 3 month outfits
  • Averages 8-10 diapers a day
  • Hold her head up all the time and bears her weight while standing assisted.
  • Loves to be cuddled, whether in the bed, watching TV or next to mommy in one of her many carriers/wraps.
  • Enjoys the vibrating seat in her bouncy chair a little less because she wants to be held more.
  • LOVES to get a bath and have her hair washed...we take a bath almost every night together just to play, feed, and bond
  • Loves her music mobile, Playmat, and has started grabbing for her toys.
  • Likes to nap in her swing.
  • Loves being held and talked to, but also enjoys her down time.



Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 7 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Cardio Recovery was a breath of fresh air, but since I woke up really stiff and somewhat sore the stretching was difficult is some places.

About 10 minutes into my workout Kyleigh all of a sudden started screaming (and I mean blood curdling, in pain screaming) out of now where, so I paused the DVD to calm her down.  After her continuing to be in horrible pain and screaming for over 10min I called 911 and the EMT's came out.  Of course, it was nothing and everything turned out to be fine so we are just watching her to make sure it wasn't anything serious. But it was really scary, I mean she was screaming so bad that her legs were turning purple!

So....about an hour after I started my workout I got both kids down for a nap and I pick back up where I left off.

I have pretty horrible balance, but I kept with them and stayed near the bed for support if needed.

How I feel - Unfortunately stressed out from the events during my workout, but better than I would if I hadn't of continued my workout.  I think all the stretching and yoga moves really helped my find my center and calm down from all the excitement.

(Yoga Pose, lol)

Per my HRM my Average HR was 114 with a HIGH of not high at all.

My total work out time was 51.10 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 3.49 min...if was more yoga and stretching than "working out".

Calories burned today were 505kcal.

Tomorrow's workout
Cardio Power & Resistance

Breakfast - Homemade Wheat Blueberry Waffle
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - None, late breakfast

Lunch - None, due to having to call 911 but all was ok.

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and ice

Dinner - Smoked Sirloin and Chicken
Grilled Zuchini & Sweet Potatos
Cooked Carrots
Publix Whole Wheat Mountain Bread
Much needed glass of Red Wine

Snack - Choco chip cookies

Unfortunately you can't always have a stellar day where you get to eat as often as you need to, but that is life.  All you can do is push forward and continue to strive to do better.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day 6 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Today I really pushed myself with the Plyometric Cardio Circuit.  I stayed with the DVD and took less breaks than last time, but it was really tough!

I really got a great workout and could feel it all through my core and legs.  I still really suck and the jack-up's so I did as many as I could then went to regular push-up and then to girly push-ups.

How I feel - Worked, but really energized, however I can tell I am going to be stiff tomorrow.

Per my HRM my Average HR was 189 with a HIGH of 201...Like I said I relaly pushed myself and made myself keep going.

My total work out time was 48.12 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 22.16 min...meaning it was STILL too high for most of it but I didn't take many extra breaks.

Calories burned today were 729kcal!!

Tomorrow's workout
REST DAY - I took my rest day on the 4th so I will be doing Cardio Recovery

Breakfast - Homemade Wheat Waffles
Warm Lemon Water
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - Slept in, Late Breakfast

Lunch - Easy "crock pot" salsa chicken with corn, black beans, cheese, spinach, spring mix, natural sour cream, and blue chips

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and ice

Dinner - Grilled Turkey dogs no bun, baked sweet potato and a few fries

Snack - Hummus & Crackers (needed calories)
(Treated myself to a little caffeine free coke, 1st in over a week)
Back to Nature CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!  Soooo yummy!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 4&5 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Day 4 (4th of July)
Eating Clean only - I missed my workout. :(

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Stevia in the Raw
Warm Lemon Water
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - Back to Nature Crackers with Hummus

Lunch - Grilled Chicken, corn, and cheese (left overs)

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and water to thin

Dinner - (4th of July Celebration)
Small portion of grilled chicken and one grilled pork rib, NO BBQ sauce
Fresh corn on the cob grilled
Plain baked sweet potato
Small portion of baked beans (just a taste)
Mini Cranberry Scone (I forgot about this, but I just couldn't resist so I ate one)

Snack - Nadda, too close to calories without working out and my sugar was way over. :(

Day 5 - Back on Track!

Since I missed the Cardio Recovery yesterday I planned on doing it today, well five minutes in and I realized I didn't deserve to take it that easy since I took yesterday off so I fast forwarded to the Pure Cardio and it was intense!

I pushed myself harder today than I have in the past two weeks of working out.  It was extremely hard and I had to take extra breaks, but I paused the DVD caught my breath and dove right back in with them and finished!

When I say I pushed myself, I mean I had already burned over 200kcal by the time I had warmed up and done my stretching!

Now, I didn't do everything perfect by any means...I still modified movements that I couldn't do like the jack-up's...which are crazy hard!  I did like one and fell flat on my face so I then started doing regular push-ups.  Next set I attempted one more and again fell flat on my face so I continued doing regular push-ups until I finally finishing with modified girl push-ups.

(I set up my phone so that when it came time for the cool down I could say "capture" and my phone would snap a few shots.  The color was all wonky so I made it B&W.)

Today was hard, but felt really good too!


I drank my Shakology soon after and ate a banana which I am sure helped.

How I feel - Honestly, I don't know if it was because I took the day off yesterday, but I feel GREAT!  Even after today's tough workout.

Per my HRM my Average HR was 153 with a HIGH of 204...high, but I really kicked it into overdrive (for me).

My total work out time was 50 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 19.44 not great, but I will get there.

Calories burned today were 795kcal!!!

Tomorrow's workout
Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Stevia in the Raw
Warm Lemon Water
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - None, breakfast ran late and we went to lunch.

Lunch - Two pieces of spicy tuna and three of crab sushi rolls
Sauteed zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms with two eggs, no sauce.

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and ice

Dinner - Easy "crock pot" salsa chicken with corn, black beans, cheese, spinach, spring mix, natural sour cream, and blue chips

Snack - Back to Nature CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!  Soooo yummy!

Slowly getting better with my eating, but I still need to get to bed earlier.  I am not giving my body enough recovery time with the little amount of sleep that I get.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day 3 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Today I was a joke!  I have literally no endurance and Cardio Power & Resistance gave me the "once over". The workout from warm up to cool down/stretch is 39 minutes long...I lasted for 32.12 minutes...and 3.5 minutes of that were the cool down/stretch.  I am sure it is just because it is my 1st REAL week of eating completely clean and working out really hard, but dang I feel like a looser not being able to do all the workout...I mean I can even complete ONE real push-up, I have to do modified "girl" ones.

It never fails...every day after my workout I get a screaming headache which sucks!  Today I decided that needed some recovery quick so I downed a Muscle Pharm protein shake with Almond Silk.  My head still hurts but I hope it will ease up soon.

Enough Negative Nelly!!!  The up side is that I am working in the right direction and I WILL get better.

Regarding the Cardio Power & Resistance workout...this stuff is the real deal!  No cheap tricks or gimmicks, you are literally working your butt off!!

How I feel - Tired, sore/tight, and cranky honestly...everyone beware!!  My legs are a lot more sore/tight than I thought they were.  I guess I am going to start stretching at night and 1st thing in the morning or I am going to be walking around like Franky!

Here I am after today's workout...if you can't tell, the smile is fake. lol!

Per my HRM my Average HR was 152 with a HIGH of 194...still having to take extra breaks.

My total work out time was 32.12 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 7.18 min.

Calories burned today were 443kcal.

Tomorrow's workout
Cardio Recovery

Breakfast - Shakology with Almond Silk & Warm Lemon Water
Snack - Almonds & String Cheese
Lunch - Hummus & Stone-ground wheat crackers
Snack - Muscle Pharm Cookies & Cream Protein Shake with Almond Silk
Dinner - Crockpot Chicken Tacos with Spinach, Corn, Black Beans, Cheese, Natural sour cream, and Blue Chips
Snack - Oatmeal with Stevia and 2 scrambled eggs and 1 egg white with cheese

Still need to do better. I am not eating enough calories and since I am exclusively breastfeeding my supply could be in danger.  Basically I need to start eating 500 extra good calories everyday!!

Last night I managed to get in bed before midnight, but not by much...going to sleep tonight with the kids!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Plyometric Cardio kicked my butt today!

First off, today was one of those days that just didn't go as planned.  We woke up late, got my son to MDO late, ate breakfast REALLY late, and didn't workout until after 3pm.  Going into my exercise I had only had oatmeal to eat today...and a few stone ground wheat crackers with natural PB.  Needless to say that is no good!!

So when I started my DVD today all I was thinking was Cardio...not understanding what Plyometrics were.  Well, now that I know what they are I do not like them...nope, they are mean!!

With that being said I got a really great workout!!

After the "warm up"...I put quotations because this is no ordinary warm up.  This warm up is what most exercises consist of.  I felt like I was basically jumping around looking like an idiot the whole time, but apparently it works!

How I feel - Pretty much the same as yesterday except that I am already stiffening a bit.  I can honestly feel the workout in my whole body and not more in one place.  It seems pretty evenly distributed throughout my core and then spreads out.

Here I am right after the cool down/ you can see I had to sit!

Per my HRM my Average HR was 157 with a HIGH of 198...I really tried to keep it below 200, which means I took extra breaks.

My total work out time was 42.51 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 13.04 min...meaning it was STILL too high for most of it.

Calories burned today were 616kcal...would have been a lot more if I could have stayed in-zone.

Tomorrow's workout
Cardio Power & Resistance

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Honey and Coffee

Snack - Missed due to today's craziness
Lunch - Also missed...
Snack - Stone-ground wheat crackers and PB (I ate this right before my workout so I wouldn't passout)
Dinner - Chicken Salad with Grapes and Stone-ground whole wheat toast
Snack - Spinach and Mushroom Omelet with Cheese

Today was a total fail with keeping up my calories which is why I am basically eating two dinners.

Got to do better tomorrow!!!

1st step is going to bed before midnight and getting up earlier.

Day 1 - STATS

So here are my beginning stats...

Not too happy about those numbers to tell you the truth.

I will do weekly weigh-in's and measurements to better track my results.

Body Mass Index:  30.3  kg/m2
Waist-to-Height ratio:  0.60
Percent Body Fat:  45.1%
Lean Body Mass:  87.8 lb

You are overweight by 13.0 kilograms (28.5 pounds)
Minimum caloric requirements: 1687 Calories per day
Limit your food intake to 1433 calories per day.
to lose 1.9 pounds per month.
Your diet should contain at least 65 grams of protein per day.


Before picture will be posted soon.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 1 - Eating Clean

Well really I have been eating clean(er) for about a week, but today starts the month Challenge so we will just start tracking everything today.

All though I track everything on My Fitness Pal, I want to have everything on here as a way of keeping my accountable.

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Stevia in the Raw and Coffee (still using my Coffemate creamer...this one is going to be hard to loose)
Snack - Chocolate Shakeology with Strawberries and Blueberries
Lunch - Chicken Salad with Grapes and stone-ground whole wheat toast.
Snack - String Cheese & Almonds
Dinner - Grilled Chicken Parm with Whole Grain Pasta and Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower
Snack - Greek Yogurt with Granola

(Of course this is different than what I had planned because I forgot about the Roasted Chicken that needed to be eaten, so just if Dana is reading this disregard my Menu I submitted last night.  I need to do a new one.)

My Fitness Pal gives me 1200 cal a day for what I want to loose however I am exclusively breastfeeding my almost 3mo daughter which burns an estimated 500 cal which put me at 1700 cal a day...this does not include what I burn working out.

I plan to post my recipes and pictures of meals soon!

Day 1 - Insanity

Today I took my Insanity Fit Test...well needless to say it was insane!  I am suppose to re-take the Fit Test every two weeks to see if my numbers improve.  Here are my 1st Fit Test numbers.

July 1st - Fit Test #1

PUSH-UP JACKS - 2 + 10 modified knee push-ups

As you can see my numbers went down as I went through the Fit Test and my form was pretty bad throughout.

How I feel - Pretty drained and my head hurts...pretty sure I am dehydrated from that workout and I need to eat some good calories!

Here I am about five minutes after the cool down and a much needed gulp of water.  As you can see I am extremely RED in the face because my heart-rate was pretty high through the whole thing.

Per my HRM my Average HR was 159 with a HIGH of 204...jeez I am out of shape!

My total work out time was 32.16 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 15.52 min...meaning it was too high for most of it.

Calories burned today were 470kcal...would have been a lot more if I could have stayed in-zone more so I might need to take more breaks until I can build up my stamina.

Tomorrow's workout
Plyometric Cardio Circuit