Saturday, January 23, 2010

5 months old!

Another month gone...I just can't believe that Gabe is 5 months old! It has all happened in a blink of an eye, but what a wonderful time I have been having. He is becoming a little person and is such a hand full. I fall in love with him a little more every day.

At 5 months our little guys is:

  • 15.2 lbs & 25.5 in
  • Sleeps almost all the way through the night
  • Still breastfeeding...and we're both still loving it
  • Loves green beans!!
  • Is sooo ticklish
  • Wants to sit up so bad he can't stand it
  • Also wants to stand, but really enjoys being held so he can be up on his feet
  • Wears 3-6 month and 6-9 month clothes depending on the brand
  • Goes through at least 20 diapers a day...I might be exaggerating a bit
  • Likes to talk A LOT...doesn't make much sense but you can tell he is trying really hard.
  • Loves to play on the floor and ROLL OVER!!!
  • Gets stuck on his tummy and gets really mad
  • I know I have said it before, but he has got the Newman temper. He has started pitching little fits...see the picture below.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Gabe rolled over!

It seems like we have been saying, "it will be any day now..." for weeks and then today out of nowhere he just did it and I almost missed I grabbed the camera and caught this.

Friday, January 15, 2010


So Gabe had his 1st real poop today and it was the biggest poop ever! Totally adult size poo. Not to mention he was very upset during the entire process, grunting, straining, and fussing.

Anyway...the point is, he pooped himself pooped because he is now completely passed out!


I got this in an email this morning and just had to post it...

"Let's see here. I need to shower, shave, eat some oatmeal, put on my new Obama T-shirt, grab my 9mm and hold up a convenience store...

New fashion rage in Police Mug Shots, These are actual Police Photos.

Just think about this for a second:

Did you ever see anyone arrested wearing a Bush T-shirt, or for you older guys, an Eisenhower, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan,or even Nixon, or Bob Dole shirt.

There MUST be a message here, but I can't quite grasp it. Maybe you can help me out here....

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Baby Food Crazy!

I decided yesterday that I was going to prepare and freeze in ice trays a bunch of baby food so I would have it all ready and on hand. We went to the store today and got everything that we needed and I made puree of the below:

1 Butternut Squash
3 Sweet Potato
1 lb Green Beans
4 Pears
4 Apples
4 Bananas
1 Avocado (turns out it wasn't ripe, so I just threw it out)

Everything turned out great and Gabe had Green Beans and Pears tonight. He REALLY liked the Green Beans and liked the Pears, even though I thought it would have been the other way around since it was him 1st fruit and they are good a sweet.

I put too much liquid in the bananas so I have to get 1 or 2 more bananas tomorrow to thicken it up. I also need to get like 10 more ice trays because I only have 4 and that was no where near enough.

It was so much fun making everything and I can't wait to see how it freezes so hopefully I can pop them out easily and get them stored.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Talk about opening the flood gates!

So, I called Gabe's Doctor this morning about him not pooing since Friday and they suggested that I get some glycerin suppositories and some apple, prune juice. So after Gabe woke up from his nap we got bundled up and went to the pharmacy. We got home and by the time it took me to get the suppository ready he had already pooed! It wasn't much and it was really thick so I decided to just give him 1/4 of the suppository because I knew he was super clogged. I got his diaper back on and started to get him dressed and he started turning all red, grunting and whining. I just thought he was hating the suppository, but I checked his diaper and he had pooed again. Since then the flood gates have opened and he has pooed two more times! Now he is napping again. I think he is worn out from all the straining, but I know he has got to feel better. more rice cereal for the next few days. He is having oatmeal tonight because rice can constipate them...did not know that. :o)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Will Gabe ever Poo again??

It seems like days since Gabe has poo'ed, but really it has only been since Saturday. I am just worried about how horrible this Poo after starting solids is going to be and if the diaper will hold up...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Homemade Butternut Sqaush Puree

So, I decided last night that I was going to make some Butternut Squash soup for Eric and me and some puree for Gabe. Gabe was a little confused at 1st but he ate 2 tablespoons of the puree plus 2 tablespoons of cereal. He had a little left that he couldn't finish but he almost ate all of it and really seems to enjoy his new veggie. Next we are going to try carrots, but for the next few days he is going to get Butternut Squash. Our soup was ok, but not great. I need to find out how Newks makes their soup because it is SO good!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gabe eats cereal for the 1st time!

So...Gabe went to his 4 month check up today and the Dr. told me that he is now big enough to start eating cereal and then after we see how he does with it we can start giving him veggies. We waited until Daddy got home so we could take a bunch of pictures (and we didn't want Dad to miss this). He really seemed to enjoy the rice cereal and he got the hang of the spoon pretty fast. I can't wait to see how he does tomorrow and if tonight was just luck.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Family pictures

Back to Portrait Innovations we go...2nd time this week. We went back to get pictures taken with my niece and nephew while they were in town and Eric and I decided to get some pictures taken of just us three too. Gabe is really getting use to having his picture taken and I think he likes it.