Thursday, June 24, 2010

10 Months old!

We have officially entered the double digits! I can't believe that Gabe is 10 months old. He is getting bigger and bigger ever single day and is now all over the place crawling, pulling up, and trying to walk. He is a MESS!

We are having so much fun playing and learning...we are so incredibly blessed!

At 10 Months our little guys is:

  • Still breastfeeding
  • Wears mostly 12 month clothing, but still fits some smaller sizes
  • CRAWLING and is everywhere!!
  • Wants to walk so bad and will very soon
  • Still not sleeping through the night, but it is getting a little better
  • Much harder to take pictures...too busy to sit still

"Good looks run in the Family"
"Mom...I am too busy to take pictures"
"And...I am spent!"

Monday, June 21, 2010

My Review of 5-in-1 Adjustable Gym

Originally submitted at LIttle Tikes

Winner of a 2005 Parents' Choice Approved Award!

Parenting magazine 2005 Toy of the Year Award!

USA Toys Made in the USA with US and Imported Parts...

He LOVES it!

By Mars913 from Helena, AL on 6/21/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Colorful and Fun, Durable, Easy To Clean, Holds Attention

Cons: Sucks batteries, Needs volume control

Best Uses: Crawlers, Toddlers

Describe Yourself: Parents of very active, First Time Parent

Our son loves this toy. He is almost 10 months, but we have had it since he was 3 months. He used it some in the baby floor setting, but now that he can sit and get around more he will sit on it for hours if I let him.

The only two complaints I have are that it needs a volume control and it uses way too many batteries. We had to put tape over the speaker to control the sound and we go through a set of batteries at least once a week.

Sweet baby stops playing to smile for the camera!


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Having too much fun...he can't contain it!


Tags: Picture of Product, Using Product, Made with Product