Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 4&5 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Day 4 (4th of July)
Eating Clean only - I missed my workout. :(

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Stevia in the Raw
Warm Lemon Water
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - Back to Nature Crackers with Hummus

Lunch - Grilled Chicken, corn, and cheese (left overs)

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and water to thin

Dinner - (4th of July Celebration)
Small portion of grilled chicken and one grilled pork rib, NO BBQ sauce
Fresh corn on the cob grilled
Plain baked sweet potato
Small portion of baked beans (just a taste)
Mini Cranberry Scone (I forgot about this, but I just couldn't resist so I ate one)

Snack - Nadda, too close to calories without working out and my sugar was way over. :(

Day 5 - Back on Track!

Since I missed the Cardio Recovery yesterday I planned on doing it today, well five minutes in and I realized I didn't deserve to take it that easy since I took yesterday off so I fast forwarded to the Pure Cardio and it was intense!

I pushed myself harder today than I have in the past two weeks of working out.  It was extremely hard and I had to take extra breaks, but I paused the DVD caught my breath and dove right back in with them and finished!

When I say I pushed myself, I mean I had already burned over 200kcal by the time I had warmed up and done my stretching!

Now, I didn't do everything perfect by any means...I still modified movements that I couldn't do like the jack-up's...which are crazy hard!  I did like one and fell flat on my face so I then started doing regular push-ups.  Next set I attempted one more and again fell flat on my face so I continued doing regular push-ups until I finally finishing with modified girl push-ups.

(I set up my phone so that when it came time for the cool down I could say "capture" and my phone would snap a few shots.  The color was all wonky so I made it B&W.)

Today was hard, but felt really good too!


I drank my Shakology soon after and ate a banana which I am sure helped.

How I feel - Honestly, I don't know if it was because I took the day off yesterday, but I feel GREAT!  Even after today's tough workout.

Per my HRM my Average HR was 153 with a HIGH of 204...high, but I really kicked it into overdrive (for me).

My total work out time was 50 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 19.44 not great, but I will get there.

Calories burned today were 795kcal!!!

Tomorrow's workout
Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Stevia in the Raw
Warm Lemon Water
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - None, breakfast ran late and we went to lunch.

Lunch - Two pieces of spicy tuna and three of crab sushi rolls
Sauteed zucchini, broccoli, and mushrooms with two eggs, no sauce.

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and ice

Dinner - Easy "crock pot" salsa chicken with corn, black beans, cheese, spinach, spring mix, natural sour cream, and blue chips

Snack - Back to Nature CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!  Soooo yummy!

Slowly getting better with my eating, but I still need to get to bed earlier.  I am not giving my body enough recovery time with the little amount of sleep that I get.

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