Friday, November 30, 2012

19 week Ultrasound & 20 week Appointment

Last week I had my 19 week appointment which included the big gender ultrasound.  We were heading out of town after the appointment so we took Gabe with us.  Thankfully Eric's Dad was able to come with us to keep Gabe entertained so we didn't have to take him into the appointment with us.

Here is our baby girl.

Here's the Looonng video.

Dr. Banks was in Labor/Delivery so I had to reschedule my meeting with him for yesterday.  All was good with baby and me.

Current Stats:
Due Date: April 17th 2013
Total Weight gain: -4lbs
Gender: GIRL!!
Movement: Lots and more often
How I am feeling: I am getting tired a lot and ready to go to bed early almost every night.  My SI is almost in full swing...not fun, but other than that I am pretty good.
Next Appointment: December 26th...this will be the fun Glucose test...hooray!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gabe's Pretty Little Tree

I decided we needed to think of a new craft to do and with all these leaves outside this is what we came up with...

 We got all bundled up in our coats and hats, grabbed a bucket and began our adventure...
 We searched the front and back yard for the most wonderful of leaves...
We walked up and down the side walk, looked North, South, East, & West...exploring everything as we went.

We even found an old birds nest...(should have taken a picture, but it looked a little like this.)

We found the most wonderful of tiny branches with LOST of little leaves...perfect for little hands to create and paint a Pretty Little Tree...

We brought in our treasures and got strait to work...Mommy hot glued the twig to the paper and Gabe began his artwork...

We had so much fun, gluing the leaves...

But Gabe's favorite part was painting the Pretty Little Tree...

Look how pretty, how beautiful and grand...

That is until Mommy left the room and Gabe got heavy with hand...

But Gabe is so proud of his artwork, look at that glee...

and all because we painted a Pretty Little Tree.

Cast your vote!

Yesterday I went to the OB for a Checkup/Ultrasound since I fell on Sunday.  They just wanted to make sure that everything was ok and still intact.

All is great with the baby, mommy is still sore and will be for a while but that is what I get for falling on my butt! :)

While I was getting my Ultrasound I asked if we could try to take a sneak peek at the sex of the baby.  We got a pretty good shot.  The Ultrasound tech, my Doctor, and my friend (who is a midwife) all said the same guess we don't have to wait until the 21st as originally planned.

We still have the appointment on the 21st to be 100% sure of the sex as well as do all the important measuring so we are waiting to make the announcement official until then.  Of course we have told friends and close family, but we don't want to tell everyone and then the Ultrasound be wrong.

So, with all of that being said, please cast your vote on my blog...

Boy or Girl???

The voting poll is on my home blog page on the top right side above my pregnancy ticker.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Online Gender Predictor

So I decided to go back and check what the Online Gender Predictor says for all the Gestational Heart Rate Readings.

8/23/12 - 5 Weeks & 1 day:
Don't have the HR reading for this one...will have to ask next time I am in.

9/05/12 - 7 Weeks & 6 days: 165bpm

Average HR: 149

9/26/12 - 10 Weeks & 6 days: 169bpm

Average HR: 168.65

10/03/12 - 11 Weeks & 6 days: 161bpm
Average HR: 164.62

10/31/12 - 16 Weeks: 155
Average HR: 157.95

So...with this information what is your prediction????

I am thinking Boy...

16 weeks appointment

Yesterday I had my 16 week appointment and all is going well.  Baby is snug as a bug in a rug and I am luckily still loosing weight.  Whoo-hoo!

Current Stats:

Due Date: April 17th 2013
Weight gain: -6lbs
Gender: ??? (I think Boy)
Heart-rate: 155
Movement: A little here and there, but nothing huge happening just yet.
How I am feeling: I am tired and sore especially after last nights fall festival.  I think I painted 50 kids faces!  A little anxious to find out what we are having even though I have a feeling it is going to be a boy. :o)
Next Appointment: November 21st @10am (we will find out the sex!)

Online Gender Predictor says...
Average Heartrate for Gestational Age: 157.95