Thursday, September 1, 2011

Bless me Father, It's been 9 months since my last Blog...

Well...2011 has been a fast one.  I can't believe that Summer is over and that Gabe is TWO!  He is a complete mess and keeps me ever so busy.

I have recently started taking classes at Samford for Photography and I am enjoying them more than I can express.  This 1st class "Theme Photography" has really pushed me to think outside my comfort zone.  My next class will be "Portraits with Pizzazz" followed by "Intermediate Photography" and then "Basic Studio Lighting".  I am looking forward to each of these classes and am so grateful that my parents are helping me with the cost as well as watch Gabe each week for class.  I know I couldn't do it without them.  Here is a link to my Class Work.

I am still doing photo shoots and working to expand my business, but this Summer has been SO hot it has definitely effected bookings.  I am really looking forward to the Fall because I already have so many people wanting to book!  Here is the link to my website just in case you are interested in booking.

I am still working part-time for Kim as her Assistant and things have been picking up.  She just made Honor Society which means she has 50 consultants working for her Unit.  She is really going to make an impact in a very short time and I am so glad that I get to be apart of it.

Gabe just started back to Mother's Day Out and is going Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for five hours each day.  He is going to a different school than last year since his old school didn't have three day's available for his age group.  With my workload I really needed that extra day and 7 extra hours a really adds up.

We will be celebrating Gabe's 2nd Birthday on Sunday, September 11th at 1pm - 3pm at our House.  Our Theme is the Terrible Two's and I really think we are going to have a blast...I can't wait!

I guess that is all for now...until next time!