Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day 7 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Cardio Recovery was a breath of fresh air, but since I woke up really stiff and somewhat sore the stretching was difficult is some places.

About 10 minutes into my workout Kyleigh all of a sudden started screaming (and I mean blood curdling, in pain screaming) out of now where, so I paused the DVD to calm her down.  After her continuing to be in horrible pain and screaming for over 10min I called 911 and the EMT's came out.  Of course, it was nothing and everything turned out to be fine so we are just watching her to make sure it wasn't anything serious. But it was really scary, I mean she was screaming so bad that her legs were turning purple!

So....about an hour after I started my workout I got both kids down for a nap and I pick back up where I left off.

I have pretty horrible balance, but I kept with them and stayed near the bed for support if needed.

How I feel - Unfortunately stressed out from the events during my workout, but better than I would if I hadn't of continued my workout.  I think all the stretching and yoga moves really helped my find my center and calm down from all the excitement.

(Yoga Pose, lol)

Per my HRM my Average HR was 114 with a HIGH of not high at all.

My total work out time was 51.10 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 3.49 min...if was more yoga and stretching than "working out".

Calories burned today were 505kcal.

Tomorrow's workout
Cardio Power & Resistance

Breakfast - Homemade Wheat Blueberry Waffle
Coffee with Natural Bliss Creamer

Snack - None, late breakfast

Lunch - None, due to having to call 911 but all was ok.

Snack - Chocolate Shakology with Almond Silk and ice

Dinner - Smoked Sirloin and Chicken
Grilled Zuchini & Sweet Potatos
Cooked Carrots
Publix Whole Wheat Mountain Bread
Much needed glass of Red Wine

Snack - Choco chip cookies

Unfortunately you can't always have a stellar day where you get to eat as often as you need to, but that is life.  All you can do is push forward and continue to strive to do better.

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