Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2 - Insanity & Eating Clean

Plyometric Cardio kicked my butt today!

First off, today was one of those days that just didn't go as planned.  We woke up late, got my son to MDO late, ate breakfast REALLY late, and didn't workout until after 3pm.  Going into my exercise I had only had oatmeal to eat today...and a few stone ground wheat crackers with natural PB.  Needless to say that is no good!!

So when I started my DVD today all I was thinking was Cardio...not understanding what Plyometrics were.  Well, now that I know what they are I do not like them...nope, they are mean!!

With that being said I got a really great workout!!

After the "warm up"...I put quotations because this is no ordinary warm up.  This warm up is what most exercises consist of.  I felt like I was basically jumping around looking like an idiot the whole time, but apparently it works!

How I feel - Pretty much the same as yesterday except that I am already stiffening a bit.  I can honestly feel the workout in my whole body and not more in one place.  It seems pretty evenly distributed throughout my core and then spreads out.

Here I am right after the cool down/stretching...as you can see I had to sit!

Per my HRM my Average HR was 157 with a HIGH of 198...I really tried to keep it below 200, which means I took extra breaks.

My total work out time was 42.51 min and my HR was "in-zone" for only 13.04 min...meaning it was STILL too high for most of it.

Calories burned today were 616kcal...would have been a lot more if I could have stayed in-zone.

Tomorrow's workout
Cardio Power & Resistance

Breakfast - Oatmeal with Honey and Coffee

Snack - Missed due to today's craziness
Lunch - Also missed...
Snack - Stone-ground wheat crackers and PB (I ate this right before my workout so I wouldn't passout)
Dinner - Chicken Salad with Grapes and Stone-ground whole wheat toast
Snack - Spinach and Mushroom Omelet with Cheese

Today was a total fail with keeping up my calories which is why I am basically eating two dinners.

Got to do better tomorrow!!!

1st step is going to bed before midnight and getting up earlier.

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