Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Talk about opening the flood gates!

So, I called Gabe's Doctor this morning about him not pooing since Friday and they suggested that I get some glycerin suppositories and some apple, prune juice. So after Gabe woke up from his nap we got bundled up and went to the pharmacy. We got home and by the time it took me to get the suppository ready he had already pooed! It wasn't much and it was really thick so I decided to just give him 1/4 of the suppository because I knew he was super clogged. I got his diaper back on and started to get him dressed and he started turning all red, grunting and whining. I just thought he was hating the suppository, but I checked his diaper and he had pooed again. Since then the flood gates have opened and he has pooed two more times! Now he is napping again. I think he is worn out from all the straining, but I know he has got to feel better.

BTW...no more rice cereal for the next few days. He is having oatmeal tonight because rice can constipate them...did not know that. :o)


  1. I am keeping my little cousin and she has been on cereal for a little over a week now and man she was constipated too. But she was on the whole grain cereal...she is now back to rice and doing just fine.

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  3. There was a total of 5 poos today. I think Gabe is officially unclogged! :o)