Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"She's Ready to Pop" custom invites for Lindsey

So I decided to create my own custom "She's Ready to Pop" invites for my best friends baby shower next month.  I really wanted to make the whole invite on the balloon, but writing on a balloon is a lot harder than people let it on to be.  So here is my version...

  1. Blank invites (I used blank note cards with matching envelopes...bought 50 ct. by Spritz at Target for $9.99)
  2. Balloons (I choose white because the invites are solid colors...bought two packs of 15 ct. by Spritz at Target for $1.54 each)
  3. Sharpie Markers (I had a ton of these in different colors already so nothing to purchase...note to others...metalic sharpies with pop cheap balloons, so if you want to use a metalic sharpie you better go get the good balloons from Party City.)
  4. Scissors (had)
  5. Hole Punch ($1.99 at Target)
  6. String or Ribbon (I used Sew Easy Floss Bakers Twine from Target for $2.99)
  7. One pipe cleaner.  You will use this to secure the balloon shut while you write on it...that way you can deflate afterwards. (I have a toddler so we have a ton of these, but you can get them for cheap anywhere.)
  8. Balloon pump...this is optional, but I had one and I thought since others would being blowing up the same balloon it was more sanitary this way. (These are also available at Target for $4.99)
I created my template in Photoshop to fit the 3.5x5.5 note cards and printed them out on my home computer.
You could also create a template in Word or Publisher.
Just set your paper to Portrait and sized to 3.5 wide and 5.5 high.

I decided that since I wasn't going to write the invitation information out on the balloon I still needed something cute for the balloon so I decided on the baby's due date.

Use your pipe cleaner to secure the balloon shut while you write on your balloon.

This part takes a while...especially if you are throwing a big shower. 

Punch holes in your invite.

Loop the string through the holes.

You can see here that I alternated the color of the envelopes with the invites.  Thought it would be prettier this way.

Tie the balloon with the string and VUALA! 

I really hope she likes them!

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