Thursday, January 3, 2013

Marshall Christmas 2012

Well Christmas came and went in a flash.  Honestly I don't think I had time to relax from Halloween until after New Years.  Between school, photo shoots, planning and shopping for Christmas, keeping up with Gabe, and trying to get ready for Kyleigh I feel like I blinked and it was all over.

Gabe had a great Christmas this year.  He was really into everything...a lot more than I thought he was going to be this year.  He was so excited about going to see Santa (we saw him twice) and is still obsessed with the Christmas decorations and is very sad to see them go.  He keeps plugging his tree back in even though we are in the breaking down process.

This year Gabe got one BIG gift from Santa, a real drum set as well as a Microphone, a new Kitchen and a special Arts and Crafts Table for his new big boy room.

(We went a head and got rid of the "playroom" since that is going to be Kyleigh's room.  We figured it would be better to do it now so he doesn't feel like he lost his playroom to his sister...pretty sure he will have enough to be jealous about when she gets here.)

Back to Christmas...

Eric and I were up until about 1am putting Gabe's gifts together (with Santa of course).  The drumset was more difficult than we anticipated and we had to watch a tutorial online because it didn't come with instructions.  The Microphone and Kitchen were easy and there was no assembly on the table...thankfully.

Eric did such a great job as Santa's helper...much better than last year...because last year he went to sleep right after Gabe and I had to do everything all by myself! LOL!  But he MORE than made up for it this year and he was really excited too!

Gabe's note to Santa

Daddy helping Santa write a note to Gabe, Santa's hand were full.

Santa and the Reindeer really enjoyed their snacks!

Like I said...we got finished and in bed around 1am...we both fell asleep pretty fast.

I awoke at the weeeeee hour of 2:45am to the faint and distant sound of a little drummer boy drum, drum, drumming.  I sprang out of bed and saw a very early riser playing his new drums with the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face.  He was not happy to go back to sleep, but daddy laid down with him and he soon was back in dream land.

Christmas morning Gabe slept until about 8am which was great for us because neither Eric or I had gotten much sleep the night before with Santa duty and then Gabe getting up at year we are locking his butt in his room! LOL!

Gabe was so excited to see all that Santa had brought him.  I don't think I have ever seen him quite as happy.

Here is our little Rock Star!



What Mommy and Daddy got Gabe...

Spider-man Pj's and house shoes.

New play food...the cool kind that are held together with velcro and they get to "cut" them in half.

Head phones for his Kindle...Mommy got a Nexus so Gabe gets the Kindle.

The LeapFrog Tag Reading starters kit...though he needs some books because you only get a sample book with the reader.

A Nerf Basket ball goal (one of those little ones for the door and of course it only lasted about five minutes)

Eric had a big stack of presents too, though it wasn't because he was good all year...I just can't help but spoil my boys... :)

Eric got some really soft Pj pants, a robe, a beard trimmer, a new wallet and belt, and of course Assassins Creed 3. :)

Eric got me a New Google Nexus and pretty pink cover for it...just love it!  I don't think I have gone a day without using it!

After we got done with presents Anne and Luke came over for a yummy brunch and hung out most of the day.  My parents joined us a little later and we all had a great time just sitting around a visiting with one another.  All-in-all this was a pretty amazing Christmas for the Marshall's.

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