Thursday, January 24, 2013

28 Weeks

Here we are at Seven Months or 28 weeks.  Only 84 days to go.

Yesterday I realized that it had been a while since I had seen Dr. Banks so I called my nurse and sure enough I should have gone in two weeks thankfully they squeezed me in yesterday.  All is good on the baby front so nothing to report.  (My last appointment was actually my Glucose and Thyroid test which I thankfully pasted however I am severely anemic so they have put me on iron supplements...maybe now I can stop biting my nails.  So now I take four prescriptions everyday...goodness how did we all survive before common medicine practices.)

Current Stats:
Due Date: April 17th 2013
Total Weight gain: 7lbs
Gender: GIRL!!
Name: Kyleigh Blake
Movement: She is super busy at night when I sit down and get comfy, but she isn't causing me any discomfort yet.
How I am feeling: I am doing really well this time around.  I am not having as much SI as before and I seem to have more energy as well.  I hope I can keep it up to the end.  The one complaint I have right now is my wisdom teeth...they are making my life miserable!  I am in so much pain from one of them I can hardly talk or chew.  Hoping they can do something before she gets here...
Next Appointment: February 6th...going every two weeks now.

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