Tuesday, April 9, 2013

She's finally here!!!

Kyleigh Blake Marshall' Birth Story

At 38 weeks and 1 day Miss Kyleigh is FINALLY here!!

I am proud to say that I went ALL NATURAL with her Labor and Delivery....except for some needed antibiotics and fluids via IV as well as Pitocin ...so basically just no pain meds.

Let me set the scene...

It is April 8th 2013...and I am so over being pregnant!  I am currently 38 weeks, two weeks past when I has Gabe so in my mind I was PAST due.

I am laying in bed and I wake up around 1am with a slight contraction...no big deal I have been having them for weeks now.  I decide to get a glass of water, re-situate, and go back to sleep.  I wake up again and again and again...so I think, "ok, maybe I should time these things and see if it is time to go to the hospital.  I go into Kyleigh's nursery so I won't wake up Eric and I sit down and rock in her(and Gabe's) glider rocker.  I start to time my contractions and they start out pretty sporadic...30sec 7min apart, 45sec 10min apart, etc, etc...this goes on for about 45 minutes...then they start to even out and are roughly 45sec-1min and 7 min. apart...(they tell you to come in when they last 1 minute and are 5 minutes apart for an hour.  This goes on for about 45min-1hr and they are slowly getting closer and closer together.  I call the "on-call" doctor and he says, "come on in, better safe than sorry". (Should have stayed home longer...)

I call my mom because she has to get up and come over to stay with Gabe and I didn't want to wait too long.

Eric and I pack the car and when my Mom arrives we head to the hospital.  We get to the hospital around 3:30am and are seen by a nurse.  I am STILL only 3 (freakin) cm dilated...been that way for almost TWO WEEKS!  Of course now that we are at the hospital my contracts are back to being sporadic and very spaced.

The "on-call" doctor says, "go ahead and give her a room and see what Dr. Banks wants to do when he comes in".  That was only a couple of hours because he gets in around 6am and it was his scheduled surgery day so he was there even earlier.

From 4am - 6am(ish) when Dr. Banks came in I had made no progress but was still contracting...just less sporadic.  He said we could either go home and see what happens, we could wait it out, or I could get a little push of Pitocin (aka devil juice)...as much as I loath Pitocin I did not want to go home...I was ready to have this baby already.

(Around 9-10am Papa and PawPaw come for a visit and take some pictures.)

(This is me breathing through a mild contraction.  Eric took a nap earlier.)

They start giving me small doses of Pitocin to see if my body will take over.  Two or so hours of Pitocin doses and little progression goes by when Dr. Banks checks me again, so he breaks my water.  Continuing the small Pitocin doses, bouncing on the birth ball and my water being broken I finally start to progress.  My nurse gives me another small dose of Pitocin and BAM...I move from Early Labor, skipping Active Labor and Transition into Pushing within less than 5minutes.

This is when shit GOT REAL...really fast!

I chickened out and started asking for an epidural...they call the anesthesiologist and he is with another patient.

They send Eric out of the room anticipating the anesthesiologist to come in ASAP, but my body starts to take over and I can't NOT push.  I am completely dilated and pushing...when 6min ago I was holding a normal conversation and breathing through my contractions fabulously.

Obviously I am NOT getting an Epidural...shit...why in the hell did I think this would be a good idea...

7min...Eric re-enters the room and realizing quickly, shit...she didn't get an Epidural.  This is the point where Eric becomes completely useless and stands and stares at me like a complete idiot...ghost white. (Poor guy couldn't handle me being in pain.)  At one point I have a washcloth covering my whole face because he dropped it and froze...men?? lol!

8-10min...Dr. Banks arrives and talks me off the ledge.  I struggle through my first push (my body already did a few without me)...after that horrible contraction Dr. Banks tells me, "Let's get this baby out!  Focus on pushing and not yelling.  If you are making noise you aren't pushing hard enough.  Here comes another contraction...F... sorry!, F... sorry! ,F... sorry! Dr. Banks reminds me no noise, just focus on my push.  I push as hard as I can (through only two contractions) and she is already crowing...I look up at Dr. Banks and say, "This was such a horrible idea!"  Here comes another contraction..."This is it!", Dr. Banks says and with that last push Kyleigh Blake Marshall was born at 1:51pm!

(She ripped my pretty good, up and down so I had to be sewn up...that was no fun...)

As they laid her on my chest and I exhaled a sigh of relief all was right in the world.  We had immediate skin to skin contact which was beyond wonderful.  I let them take her while Dr. Banks was working on me because I yelped and startled her, which made me feel horrible.  About five minutes later Dr. Banks is done and Kyleigh is returned to me.  She latches on perfectly the first time and eats for a good 10 minutes.

They weigh and measure her.

7lbs 3oz, 19in long with a head FULL of hair!!!

***You may ask, "Would I go Natural again, yes!"...I know I'm crazy!***

After we went up to our Fabulous room, Miss Kyleigh got her 1st bath!

She LOVES having her hair washed!

But she doesn't like it when you stop!

We had SOOO many visitors come see us at the Hospital!


PawPaw & MawMaw

Aunt Lindsey & BFF Marley


Sweet BIG Brother Gabe

Uncle Brian and Aunt Chuchi



Not pictured:
Emily Derryberry
Aunt Jean & Uncle Clint
Diane Gillam (aka Aunt DeDe)
Matt, Amy, Olivia, and Hannah Predmore
Ms. Shella Herring
Michele Cleveland
Melissa Achuff

I hope I didn't miss anyone...

We had a fabulous stay at Brookwood.  The doctors, nurses, LC's, and staff were so helpful!

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