Sunday, April 7, 2013

Gabe's new BIG BOY room!

Good Lord this was a lot of work and what a long day, but it was totally worth it when Gabe got home and saw his BIG BOY surprise.

He was SO excited!!!

I was worried that his bed wouldn't come in until the 15th but thankfully it came in Friday.  Gabe has so much more room to play in his room now and a special place just for him for when Kyleigh comes...hopefully making it a better transition.

I think I might put up some curtains under the bed so he has a secret spot, but that will be for another day.

Here is the best view of the whole room!

Spider-man is EVERYWHERE!!!  There are decals all over the room, a new chair, new sheets, new curtains, pillow pal, lamp, poster, and even a Spider-man light switch!

HUGE Spide-man wall decal!

BIG BOY bed on top and special play area below.

Here is a better view of Gabe's special spot under his bed.

We added a light so he could see better and read books...he loves to read with his Tag Reader.

Awesome Rock Star rug for an Awesome Rock Star!

Gabe's Rock Star corner with guitar poster and lots of wall decals.

OMG, he was SO excited!!!!  He just couldn't wait to go to bed...or at least watch TV in bed.

 Now just to finish a few small details in Kyleigh's room and we will be all set!

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