Friday, November 30, 2012

19 week Ultrasound & 20 week Appointment

Last week I had my 19 week appointment which included the big gender ultrasound.  We were heading out of town after the appointment so we took Gabe with us.  Thankfully Eric's Dad was able to come with us to keep Gabe entertained so we didn't have to take him into the appointment with us.

Here is our baby girl.

Here's the Looonng video.

Dr. Banks was in Labor/Delivery so I had to reschedule my meeting with him for yesterday.  All was good with baby and me.

Current Stats:
Due Date: April 17th 2013
Total Weight gain: -4lbs
Gender: GIRL!!
Movement: Lots and more often
How I am feeling: I am getting tired a lot and ready to go to bed early almost every night.  My SI is almost in full swing...not fun, but other than that I am pretty good.
Next Appointment: December 26th...this will be the fun Glucose test...hooray!

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