Monday, May 10, 2010


Today Gabriel got re circumcised at Children's Hospital. Eric and I were a wreck at 1st, but our families came to the hospital and made us feel so much better. Gabriel was such a trooper. He was 3rd on the list for surgery today so didn't go back until after 9am. He hadn't had anything to eat since 8pm last night and I though for sure he would be screaming his head off to eat, but he was just so happy playing with his toys in his hospital gown and on his hospital bed. The 3rd picture is from when they brought him back after surgery and he was asleep from the morphine. Once we woke him up he was such a good baby! He nursed well on both sides and let us change him and get him ready to go...he didn't fuss once! He hasn't been fussy since his surgery either and hasn't acted like he is in any pain at all. Such a trooper and boy do I love that little man!

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