Monday, November 2, 2009

Mary I come!

With the support of my wonderful, loving, yet somewhat skeptical husband I have delved myself in head 1st to become an Independent Sales Consultant for Mary Kay. I am so excited, nervous, and thankful for what this could bring my family. I am only hoping to help pay a bill here or there each month, but if I make more I more than welcome it.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength to fight the fear and take a step towards bettering my families life...even if it is just to have me be at home with my son.


  1. Tracey has been selling avon and she is doing pretty well with that. I think most of her sales come from work. She is really good at sending out a email every day that highlights the deal of the day. She also gives out catalogs at gas stations, or has friends and family hand them out. She is doing pretty well. Don't know if any of those things are an option but you may want to try them. I don't know if mary kay does catalogs the same way. Good luck! Also if you check out to find some mommy groups many of them will let you advertise or even host a party.

  2. Hey Girl! I am so happy to have you as a Mary Kay sister. I know its hard at first but just dive in and we are all here to support you! You will do great!

  3. Good luck and best wishes! I hope this new opportunity brings you beginnings to you guys. Do they provide you with your own site to sell your products? I mean seriously, if you had a website then you could have returning customers just place orders at your website… How much easier could it be?