Thursday, July 2, 2009

28 weeks and 5 days...only 79 days to go

Here we are and it is almost July! It is so freakin HOT in Alabama! What a horrible time to be pregnant and there are so many preggers around Birmingham right now. I guess everyone had a fabulous New Years. pelvis is actually doing a lot better. I have been going to the Chiropractor for the past 2 weeks and it really seems to help. She said that my spine was crooked, my pelvis was twisted and my tail bone was out of wack. I have been going for adjustments pretty regularly and it really seems to be working. On another front...I took yesterday off because I hadn't slept in 4 days and I was completely exhausted. I took some Dr. approved Tylenol PM and tried to de-stress all day. I feel so much better today and I feel like I actually have some energy to get some painting done in the nursery.

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