Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Wedding - 09/13/2003

Here we are getting married at 21! I never thought that I would get married so young and neither did Eric. We had a beautiful wedding and reception. I felt like I was in a all seemed like a blur. I am glad that we have all of these beautiful pictures to remind me how wonderful it was.

My Mom and Dad in the garden with me on the day of my wedding.

Eric, his Mom and his Dad in the sanctuary the day of our wedding.

Emily (Cooke) Derryberry, Erin Northcutt, Jessica (B) (Newman) Marshall, Lindsey (MOH) Holmes, Marsha Brown, and Olivia (FG) Predmore.

Top Row: Brian Marshall, Tim Marshall; Middle Row: Jim (FOB) Newman, Matt Predmore; Bottom Row: Eric (G) Marshall, Luke (FOB,BM) Marshall.

My Dad getting me ready to go down the isle. This was either right before or right after he sang Butterfly Kisses. :*o)

Eric and Jessica Marshall lighting the Unity Candle.

I now pronounce you Husband and Wife.

After we left the reception we rode around Vestavia in the limo drinking champagne and eventually made our way to the Marriott on HWY 280. I finally got to get out of that dress and we put on our pj's. We had a little picnic on the bed while we watched Terminator 3 on PPV and had a great night just the two of us. It was a perfect night.

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